Welcome to my website!

If you find yourself here, it is likely because I applied for a job with your company so, first and foremost, thank you for your consideration!

This website is my digital portfolio. It contains work that I did while pursuing my bachelor of science degree. It also contains information about me and my work history. Hopefully, this website will answer any nagging questions you have about me.

My History

I imagine you've seen my resume. Interesting, isn't it? You're probably wondering why I've made the career changes I have. Let me explain.

Flying is my passion. I love it. It was what I wanted to do when I was a kid and I still feel completely at home behind the controls of an airplane. The problem with my career choice was that it I enjoy problem solving. That is a great skill for a pilot to have. It helps deal with difficult situations and can even save lives. Most of the time when you're flying, however, you don't want to be solving problems. Ideally, things should be going smoothly.

This is where programming comes in. It took me awhile to realize that programming and software design are what I really want to do for a career. It challenges me on a more consistent basis than flying did.

My Skills

As I mentioned, I enjoy problem solving. I love that moment of panic when I read a problem that I know I have to solve and it seems impossible. Then, I spend a little time thinking about it and a wave of confidence washes over me as I realize I can solve the problem and I can do so efficiently.

Most of my university programming was done in Java. I do have experience with a wide variety of other languages and understand all the basic programming concepts. I won't waste your time listing all the languages I've learned to use. I'll just say that I've written programs in object oriented, functional, scripting, and markup languages. I've also developed in environments that vary from simple notepads with no formatting to complex IDEs.

While I feel like programming is my greatest strength, I can do web server set up (I built this one), and I enjoy helping people. I would make a good help desk employee or network administrator.

My Work

The main menu has links to pages and web applications I built for a couple of my university classes.

For the final project for my degree, I created a native mobile application. I've provided a link to that as well.

Once again, thank you for your consideration. I hope I've addressed some of your concerns.

If you have any questions, feel free to Email Me